Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MD Sheep and Wool Festival - The Sights

So while I didn't get much blogging done last week I did get to do some serious feeding of my fiber stash. In a strange coincidence that leads me to believe that God is a knitter, work obligations conveniently placed me in Maryland during the big Sheep and Wool Festival for the second year in a row. Maybe next year work can take me to Rhinebeck or the Taos festival. So today I'll show you pics of the festival itself and tomorrow I'll save for pics of my fiber spoils.

Yarn, yarn, everywhere. I didn't know where to look first. The most fascinating parts were the sources of all this fiber goodness. I loved being able to see all of the varieties of sheep, alpaca, mohair goats and even angora bunnies.

Skip this next photo, vegetarians, but the Sheep and Wool Festival wasn't just about using animals for fiber.

This was something I always wanted to see, the Sleeping Beauty type of spinning wheel in action. Enormous and according to the vendor, not easy to use. Pretty neat though.

Just like a dog show, sheep were being lined up and judged.

There was even some fiber-related entertainment:

And then of course there was the inevitable time to go home loaded down with the stash enhancement I will share with you tomorrow.